FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

How and where are my ads getting seen?

All ads are displayed on the home page of FeaturedOffersExtreme.com using a rotation system. Every time someone visits the home page, all ads displayed at that time receive 1 View.

FeaturedOffersXtreme.com is advertised through Text Ad Exchanges, Viral Mailers, Credit Safelists, Super Solo Networks, Traffic Exchanges, Ad Boards, Classifieds, etc.

Do I get 2,500 Views for EVERY ad type offered? What about clicks?

Regardless of which type of ad you submit, each individual ad is set to 2,500 maximum views. Once a particular ad reaches 2,500 Views, that ad campaign will stop and be marked as completed. FeaturedOffersXtreme.com only guarantees 2,500 Views, not clicks. However, from the Member's Area, you can see both the number of Views and the number of Clicks your ad has received.

How do I become an Upgraded Member?

FeaturedOffersXtreme.com does not have any Upgrade Memberships. It is a straight, 1-Tier Affiliate Program that pays you 50% Referral Commissions on any ads your Referrals purchase. There's no purchase necessary to become an Affiliate.

I tried to submit a Banner Ad, but received an Error Message???

In order to prevent all kinds of different sized/shaped ads from being submitted in the wrong category, each banner ad requires the specific dimensions to be exact before it will be accepted.

Banner Ads - MUST be exactly 468x60 pixels.
Button Ads - MUST be exactly 125x125 pixels.
Display Ads - MUST be exactly 600x300 pixels.

If your banner ads is off by even 1 pixel, you will need to use a graphics editor to resize it to the exact banner size for it to be accepted.

How many ads can I submit in one day?

You can submit as many ads as you want. Once they are approved (approved daily), they will go into the rotation until a campaign reaches 2,500 Views. If you purchased a 10-pack, you can submit all 10 ads the same day.

Why is the Featured Ad more expensive than all the other ads?

The Featured Ad is the very first ad at the top of the page people will see when they visit FeaturedOffersXtreme.com and is considered a "Premium" type Ad.

Is the Featured Ad at the top of the page like a Solo Ad?

Yes, it is very similar to a Solo Ad where you can create a short or long detailed sales letter to promote your offer. If your message is longer than the displayed area, a scroll down bar will appear so people can scroll down to see the rest of your message. If they are interested in your offer, they can click the link below it to go to your site.

How do the Referral Commissions work?

FeaturedOffersXtreme.com uses a Free Affiliate Program that pays everyone a 50% Referral Commissions every time their Personal Referrals make a purchase. You do not have to purchase advertising in order to receive commissions.

How do I receive my Referral Commissions?

You must have a minimum of $20 in Referral Commissions in order to "Cash Out." Even if it is $19.99, your commissions must total $20 or more before you can "Cash Out."

Can I trade my Referral Commissions for Advertising?

Yes, when you log into the Member's Area and click on Purchase Ads, you should see an option to use your commissions to make a purchase.

Do you accept Payza?

As soon as Payza approves FeaturedOffersXtreme.com, we will add Payza as a Payment Option.

Where do I submit a Support Ticket?

You have (2) Two Options for submitting a Support Ticket.

Option #1: From the Member's Area, on the left side navigation menu, click on Help Desk.

Option #2: You may also submit a Support Ticket at http://www.totaladexplosion.com/support/index.php