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Good Day - The 7Dollar Club is based on each member joining for $7. Members  receive peer to peer payments, no one holds your money that they can run away with. Members upgrade with these payments and then they get to keep the rest of the profit.
We started just about 11 weeks ago and now we are 1,700, hard at work earning money!
I have now upgraded to the level where I am receiving  multiple $17 , $27 , $37 payments! And one $77 payment! The next level is $177!
I have brought in over $500, 75X my $7 investment!
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Total Amount Earned:
7Dollar Club is easy to join, it costs only $7 one time out of your pocket and it is very easy to use.
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 The Vid clearly explains how the program works and how you can make a lot of money with only a $7 starting fee!

When you decide to join us for only $7, watch this vid:
Go to You Tube  and put the following in the search bar:
How To Purchase Your Position steve sexton
Find and watch the vid.
Then come back to my sign up page and join us.
Regards, Harry Covert
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Your Ad Here As Low As $1.50 For 2,500 Views

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