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You sign up 4 new people (or wait for spill over). I can help you with signups  if necessary.

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Please do NOT sign up if you cannot pay your $7 at sign up.You can pay with PayPal or BitCoin.

OK THEN, Sign up, pay your $7 fee right away and take a look around.

Here are some important points.

1. If you are not able to make a $7 as soon as you sign up, then please don't sign up until you can, if you wait to pay it ties up the matrix! Open a PayPal account if you have to and  link your bank debit card to it 

2. Do not upgrade to higher levels with your own new money or without contacting your sponsor. We want to be fair & do not want people jumping ahead.

3. It is worth repeating! Do not upgrade using any new money of your own. Only upgrade using payments that you have received through the 7DollarClub. New personal money is not a new person and it messes with the matrix.

4. You need to recruit 4 people under you. Great if you have the ability to do it, however if you need it, I can help. Even after you get your 4, keep advertising. New people coming in will then spill over to new members and help you progress to higher stages and levels faster.

5. Do NOT buy more than one $7 position. Concentrate your effort on getting your own 4 signups, then you can keep advertising to get spillover for new people below you.

If you want to contact me directly, regarding alternate payment methods or anything else 7DollarClub related, please sign up for FREE and go to your back office. In the left menu, click on stats, then click on the sponsor name,  Charles Thomas and an email form will appear.

Regards,  Charles

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Your Ad Here As Low As $1.50 For 2,500 Views
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